Australia PM Scott Morrison Makes Samosas, Modi Replies

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NEW DELHI: As the coronavirus-induced lockdown hit, many have donned the chef hat. On social media, celebrities as well as prominent personalities post pictures of cooking something or the other as all are confined to their homes.

On Sunday, it was Australian Prime Minister who cooked something and Indians are flattered.

As Australian PM Scott Morrison is scheduled to meet his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi via video meet on June 4, he shared with the world the snack he made, which he called 'ScoMosas'. Yes, it is one of India's favourite snack, the samosas. Not just that, he also made mango chutney along with that.

"Sunday ScoMosas with mango chutney, all made from scratch -- including the chutney! A pity my meeting with @narendramodi this week is by videolink.

They're vegetarian, I would have liked to share them with him," Morrison tweeted.

Replying to his tweet, Modi said the two countries are "Connected by the Indian Ocean, united by the Indian Samosa!" "Once we achieve a decisive victory against COVID-19, we will enjoy the Samosas together." Modi said.

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