Arnab-Zelenskyy Interview Key Takeaways

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As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues, Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami interviewed the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday. Let’s take a look at some takeaways from this no-holds-barred 60 minutes interview with a foreign leader. 

  • President Zelenskyy made it clear that he was “willing to move on talks before security guarantees were made”. He invited India to be a security guarantor to help end the war. 
  • While offering to hold open, direct and immediate dialogue with Russian President Valdimir Putin, Zelenskyy explicitly stated he can set aside security guarantees for talks.
  • Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine won’t use weapons supplied by the West to attack Russia. This is the first time the country leader has made this unequivocal declaration. 
  • Ukraine's leader says Kyiv will not accept the status quo and insisted on the status quo-ante 24th February 2022. 
  • Slamming the West for not taking concrete steps against Russia and only slapping “half-baked” sanctions, the President even called out the United Nations for not doing enough for Ukraine during the last 8 years. He demanded isolation of Russia. 
  • Zelenskyy ruled out a nuclear threat from Moscow saying this would mean self-inflicting damage and Russia cannot afford a nuclear war.

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