Army Trainee Hijacks School Bus in South Carolina, Arrested  

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COLUMBIA: An Army Trainee was recently arrested by the officials after he allegedly hijacked a school bus. He was charged with the crime accordingly.

The incident took place in South Carolina where an elementary school bus was hijacked by an armed man on Thursday. The man held the driver and the students as hostages. After some time, he let them off.

The accused was identified as 23-year-old New Jersey native Jovan Collazo. It was reported that he left Fort Jackson base at around 7 am with a rifle. He caused a commotion at Interstate 77 and targeted bikers on his way. Later he forcibly entered a school bus. In their investigation, the bus driver revealed to the police that the accused didn’t want to hurt them. Collazo had no intention of hurting the kids or the bus driver but only wanted to go to the neighbouring town. He wanted the driver to drive him there. They then started heading to Forest Lake Elementary School in Columbia.

Collazo told all the children on the bus to gather in the front. The kids in a terrified state started asking many questions like if the man was going to hurt them. ‘What does he want?’ and ‘will they be safe?’ Collazo became so annoyed with their questions that he later forced the children and the driver off the bus before taking off. He left the bus and his gun and went on his way but was later captured by the police.

The commander of Fort Jackson base and officials believe that the man was not trying to harm anyone. Instead, he was feeling homesick and just wanted to go back. Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle Jr., the Fort Jackson base commander, said that the records of this man did not show any sign that Collazo wanted to hurt anyone.

According to the reports, Collazo will be charged with several crimes including kidnapping and military punishment.

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