Afghanistan Taliban Crisis: India Fast Tracks Entry Requests With e-Emergency X-Misc Visa

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With the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, many people now want to flee the Taliban-captured country as soon as possible. To help speed up the process, the Government of India (GoI) has now come up with an electronic Visa called “e-Emergency X-Misc Visa”. This will help with the faster processing of applications for entry into India.

Ministry of Home Affairs Spokesperson confirmed the news and shared this e-Emergency X-Misc Visa was introduced to fast-track the procedure. This will speed up the applications for entry into India. This Visa was specifically introduced for those who are not fleeing Afghanistan due to the ongoing crisis.

Afghanistan is currently completely under Taliban control. After the group took over Kabul, their takeover was complete. Over the past few days, the terrorist group has been taking over every major urban city and rural area in the country. The capital city was citizens’ last hope but after even that went under their rule, the entire country has been brought down.

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People are in a panic state. Initially, they were running to Kabul from the captured cities, but now that the entire country is under Taliban rule, people have no choice but to flee the country itself. Those who can are trying to get out as soon as possible. Even President Ashraf Ghani fled the country which has left the people all alone.

Many went to the airport in Kabul. Thousands have flooded the airport in hopes of catching a flight to any other country. Some of them grabbed the edges of a military jet but when the jet took off, they fell to their death. It resulted in the death of at least 7 citizens.

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