Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis: Donald Trump Takes A Dig At Ashraf Ghani

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Former USA President Donald Trump recently took a dig at former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. Amidst the Taliban takeover crisis in Afghanistan, Trump finally opened up about the situation and how it was with Ghani in the past years.

When the Taliban reached Kabul, Afghanistan president Asraf Ghani fled the country. People were left in a panic state and did not know what to do. Ghani shared his thoughts in a statement shared on social media. The former President said that he did not want bloodshed and hence left the country to not make things worse.

He also cleared his name, saying he did not steal any money from the Afghan government. People accused him of stealing money and fleeing the country, but he said that all of these claims are false and that he no such thing. As all of this is happening in Afghanistan, the world leaders are reacting to the situation. Especially the US has much to say after they aided the country for more than two decades.

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In a Fox News interview on Tuesday night, Donald Trump stated that he "never had full faith in Ashraf Ghani.” He referred to Ghani as a ‘complete crook’ and said that all he ever did was wine and dine with the US senators. Trump further added that Ghani got away with most things even murder. There were several ways and methods that he had.

Trump believes that Ghani did not leave Afghanistan empty-handed. He took lots of cash and is now fooling the people by claiming something else. The Republican leader said that there is no truth in what Ghani is saying.

Around 2 days ago, Ghani released a statement and a video. He is currently in the United Arab Emirates, as was said by him in a recently posted video. He shared in the video that he did not steal any money from the country. The state funds are intact and he took nothing from it. 

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