Afghanistan Takeover: Taliban Captures Jalalabad, Comes Closer To Kabul

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The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan continues as now even Jalalabad has come under their rule. The forces are now inching closer to Kabul. The fear is of the capital city getting captured and now that is not far away. Major rural and urban areas are all now under Taliban rule, this has given them the upper hand.

Now that even the US has retrieved from Afghanistan, it has become difficult for the country to defend itself. Their army forces and troops have fallen apart. Most of the forces were destroyed in the earlier attacks.

Taliban meticulously planned everything. They strategized their moves to understand what will be best. They put a lot of thinking into planning and understanding if talks will be better or forceful? Everything mattered to win. Every move was planned and their strategy was laid out.

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Currently, many citizens are fleeing their areas are moving to places that are not captured by the Taliban. Many have taken shelter in Kabul. But even that has become risky as Taliban forces move closer to the capital city.

In the last 24 hours, the Taliban has been able to capture Mazar-i-Sharif and other areas in between. Now they are inching closer to Kabul. It is difficult for Afghan to win in this situation, also when the reports suggest that the Taliban is making their move rapidly.

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