Afghanistan Burning: See How Armed Taliban Are Enjoying Amusement Park Rides In Kabul

 - Sakshi Post

Videos of armed Taliban men riding bumper cars at an amusement park, just a day after capturing Kabul are going viral on all social media platforms. Reuters Reporter Hamid Shalizi who is based in Kabul shared a couple of videos in which one could see Taliban fighters enjoying electric bumper cars rides and were also seen riding play horses in an amusement park. Here are the videos, just give a look at them.

Not only these videos but there are also few more videos where people are trying to flee Afghanistan after the Taliban's takeover. In the videos, one could see people running along the Kabul Airport's runway. A video of two people who were clinging outside fell from the aircraft after it took off and they died. Here are the videos, just give a look at them.


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