8 Healthy Habits of Queen Elizabeth That Helped Her Live Long

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Queen Elizabeth II, who recently passed away in London had a long life of 96 years and four months. Queen Elizabeth II was remarkably healthy till her death to officially appoint Liz Truss as the newly elected Prime Minister just two days before she passed. Do you want to know how Queen Elizabeth II managed to remain was healthy till her last breath? check out 8 daily habits of the Queen of England

1. Queen Elizabeth II used to have a healthy breakfast at 8.30 am every single day. Having a healthy and regular breakfast lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

2. Having a pet: Researchers say that having a pet can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, fight depression, and you will have time for a walk.

3.  Horseback riding: Riding a horse is a great exercise that sharpen your mind

4. Tea Time: Having a daily cup of tea supports organ health, prevents chronic diseases, and helps repair cells in the body.  It also boosts your immune system and reduces the risk of infection.

5.  Laughing: Laughing boosts mood, lowers stress, improves social ties, and, increases longevity

6. Loving Relationship: Being in a healthy and loving relationship keeps the mind in peace and long lifespan.

7. Enjoying nature: Enjoying nature and keeping greenery in your surrounding is linked with longer life. Nature lowers stress hormones, slows your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and increases feelings of safety and well-being.

8. Having purposeful work

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