5 lessons From Che Guevara’s Life

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Devraj Bollareddy

Even if you are not familiar with Che Guevara, it is highly likely that you must have seen his face plastered on your friend’s t-shirt or saw an artwork of him at a local café. Che Guevara became famous after his involvement in the Cuban revolution, where he assisted the country escaping a very precarious situation. Today we look at 5 lessons we can all learn from Che Guevara’s life.

1.The emphasis on education:

Although education was not a major priority for people living in the 1950s, Che Guevara always emphasized the importance of education. During his rule, he placed a lot of emphasis on training educators who would then educate illiterates. His plan worked well with the literacy rate rising from 60% to a whopping 96% during the span of his rule. Even now, despite It is almost 70 years since the Cuban revolution, there are still significant
disparities in the level of education in different regions of the world. It is interesting to consider what the state of the world would be right now if all
leaders prioritized education as much as Che Guevara did.
2. Never give up:

Che Guevara had high ambitions, he wanted to overthrow the Cuban government and well, he succeeded. This shows that if you work really hard
towards achieving your ambitions, nothing is impossible. 
3. Be modest and realistic with your goals:

Everyone always says that it is important to dream big, however, when it comes to setting goals for yourself, it is important that you stay realistic and
set goals that are actually attainable. Although, Che Guevara met his initial goal of overthrowing the Cuban government, he next aimed to start a
continent wide communist revolution which brought him to Bolivia, where he was ultimately executed. If Guevara was satisfied with achieving his prior
goals and didn’t push himself more, he would have lived for way longer. 

4. Being fearless pays off:

Che Guevara had a notorious reputation for being fearless; in fact, he always needed a right hand man by his side since he always put himself at risk,
especially during combat. This fearlessness in most cases severely puts someone’s life at risk however, in Che Guevara’s case, it gave him a
notorious reputation for being fearless and it made people around him fear him.

5. You decide your legacy:

Che Guevara came from a humble background; he was born into a middle class Spanish family and while travelling Latin America as a child, he could not help but take note of the poverty and the suffering of the people living in the region. Cut to a few decades later, Che Guevara is overthrowing a dictatorship and training soldiers to fight in the American ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion. He decided early on that he was going to create a big impact and leave a legacy behind, which he did as he is still remembered to this day and is an iconic symbol of change, revolution and innovation.

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