Wearing Masks Now Mandatory in Telangana

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The Telangana government advises people to use masks when attending large gatherings.

Hyderabad: Telangana reinstated the mask requirement on Thursday, less than a month after it was repealed-at least for people attending large gatherings. Officials also warned that, due to the uptick in other parts of the country, COVID-19 cases are projected to rise slightly starting in the first week of June.

"As cases are on the rise in states such as Delhi and Haryana, we too need to be vigilant, especially about new variants. Covid numbers might increase to some extent, but it is unlikely there would be any surge in cases like a wave. However, wearing masks in crowded places has been made mandatory," said Dr G Srinivasa Rao, Telangana's director of public health, adding that failure to do so might result in a fine of Rs 1,000.

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He noted that the current level of COVID-19 antibodies in the general population is extremely high, saying, "This is a good thing as high seropositivity means that the susceptible population is very less. Currently, the seropositivity among the general population is 92.7, ranging from 89.2% in Bhadadri to 97% in Hyderabad. This not only keeps the population with antibodies protected, but also the ones without antibodies covered due to the immunity factor."

"While we are potentially at less risk, as long as there is a susceptible population, infections will continue to happen. Therefore, people should take their booster shots and second doses in time," he added.

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