US Techie From Mahabubabad In Telangana Dies Of Heart Failure

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MAHABUBABAD: A software engineer from Mahabubabad, Telangana who worked in Dallas (US), died due to heart attack.

Gottam Chandrapal Reddy (26) has been living and working in the US since 2015. He completed his MS (Master of Science) there and started working as a software engineer in a company. Even though he lost his previous job due to lockdown, he managed to secure a new job. Chandrapal was also planning on enrolling for a PhD degree and had gotten admission for the same.

Chandrapal arranged a party to celebrate his new job. He later collapsed and suffered a heart attack. His friends tried to perform CPR and other things to try and save him, but it didn’t work. It has almost been a week since Chandrapal passed away, but the body has not been brought back to India.

The unfortunate incident took place on December 22nd but due to the current situation, it is getting difficult to return the body to Telangana. Chandrapal was the only son in his family. His father Srinivas Reddy requested the government to help him bring his son’s body back at the earliest. The family is currently living in Hyderabad.

Other family members and Chandrapal’s friends together started a fundraising drive in order to provide help to the parents. As of today, the funds have crossed $58,180 dollars. 

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