TSRTC Buses to Get A Makeover, New Fleet to Hit Roads Soon

TSRTC Buses to be Refurbished; New Fleet to Arrive Soon - Sakshi Post

Officials have decided to purchase 280 buses for Rs 100 crore.

To reach remote locations, super-luxury, deluxe vehicles are preferred.

Due to financial constraints, some purchases are limited.

Hyderabad: RTC will shortly receive new buses. Because the majority of the buses are already outdated, the RTC has chosen to purchase some new buses. A total of Rs 100 crore would be invested on this project. Approximately 280 buses are expected to be purchased using these funds. According to the authorities, CM KCR proposed increasing the number of long-distance buses in the latest RTC review in order to enhance RTC income. They have been ordered to focus on long-distance buses as a result of severe losses with rural and city services.

It has been reported that it has chosen to purchase new buses to this extent. RTC has lately agreed to borrow Rs 1,000 crore from banks on behalf of the state government. The RTC has already got Rs 500 crore from this fund. They are allocated to various requirements. A further Rs 500 crore is on the way. Amounts due to the RTC Co-operative Leverage Society were to be paid in arrears totalling Rs 400 crore. The remaining Rs 100 crore was intended to be used to purchase new buses.

Super Luxury, Deluxe Buses

In RTC, there is a strong need for super luxury buses that travel between distant locations. Buses of the AC category, such as Garuda, Garuda Plus, and Indra, charge a higher fare. In comparison, super-luxury bus prices that are handy in the non-AC category are quite inexpensive. As a result, they are more popular among passengers. Over a hundred of these buses will be replaced by freshly bought vehicles, according to officials.

Up to 80 additional deluxe buses are expected to be ordered. Eighty buses will be converted to super-luxury services from the present deluxe buses. The number of super deluxe buses will rise as a result of this. A new bus costs about Rs 35 lakh on average. Between 280 and 285 new buses are expected to arrive at a cost of Rs 100 crore.

RTC operates a total of 9 thousand buses, of which 6 thousand are RTC-owned. The remaining buses are rented. New buses are not being purchased by RTC to fulfil demand. Each year, up to 250 buses reach the end of their service life. To satisfy the rising demand, they must be replaced by new ones, and services must be enhanced.

However, just 270 new buses have arrived in the RTC in the previous three years. At the same moment, almost a thousand buses service life went down the hill. Only 280 buses will be acquired at this time. The RTC's income, on the other hand, is increasing, and it plans to raise ticket costs. Authorities claim that a big number of new buses might be purchased in the future.

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