Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu Cheated In The Name Of Covid Vaccination

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Suresh Babu, a Tollywood film producer was duped. Read on to know details 

A man defrauds Tollywood producer Suresh Babu of Rs. 1 lakh over Covid vaccines in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: Suresh Babu, a Tollywood film producer, was duped in the name of COVID Vaccination. In more detail, a man named Nagarjuna Reddy called Suresh Babu and told him that he had 500 doses of vaccine available with him and, in order to get vaccinated, Suresh Babu needed to deposit Rs. 1 lakh into his wife's account.

Suresh Babu transferred Rs. 1 lakh after believing his words. The accused turned off his phone after receiving the money. Suresh Babu's aide filed a complaint against Nagarjuna Reddy at the Jubilee Hills police station after realizing it was a shady deal.

The Cyberabad Cyber Crime Police arrested Nagarjuna Reddy four days ago. A spokesperson for an entertainment channel has been arrested in connection with a case of vaccination fraud.

Many people were duped by the entertainment channel spokesperson, who pretended to be KTR's, Personal Aide. Nagarjuna Reddy is currently lodged at Sangareddy Jail on remand.

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