Telangana: Prepare to Grab Opportunities in Post Covid World, Says KTR

KTR - Sakshi Post

"Telangana should gear up to capture the evolving opportunities in a post-Covid world" said Minister KTR speaking at a joint review meeting of IT and Industries frontline officers.

Minister stated that while Covid pandemic has disrupted the world in many ways, it has also opened up several opportunities for countries like India. He stated that progressive states like Telangana have an advantage in capturing these opportunities.

"We have to build on the positive image that Telangana has built over the past seven years by way of EODB top ranking and also attracting marquee investments. Attracting new investments is important since it provides employment to lakhs of local youngsters" said Minister KTR.

Minister instructed the frontline officials of IT and Industries Departments to identify industry bodies for potential collaboration and conduct sector specific events to attract investors.

As physical events have started across the globe, the Minister said that the Telangana state government should also plan industry specific events in the year 2022.

IT & Industries Department Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and sector Directors from Information Technology and Industries Departments participated in the meeting.

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