Telangana Lockdown: Hyderabadis Have Frivolous Reasons to Step Out of Their House

 - Sakshi Post

The Telangana government has imposed a lockdown in the state. It started as a 10 days lockdown from May 12 but was later extended till May 30. People are only allowed to step out of the house in the morning from 6 to 10 am for essentials.

People are not allowed to step out of their homes. Emergency Services would be exempted from the lockdown. People who have to undergo a second dose of COVID vaccination will be permitted under necessary cases. All these rules and guidelines have to be followed for your own safety, but people in the city are now coming up with various cheats and ideas to roam around.

Hyderabadis are using fake medical certificates to roam around in lockdown. Not just that, they also borrow Swiggy or Zomato T-shirts from their friends to travel acting as a delivery person. Police are smart too, they have their own ways to rat out such people and fail their cheap tricks.

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A 23-year old young man was roaming around acting as a Zomato delivery guy. He thought he would trick the police but was later caught by them. He failed to produce any documents, upon being asked for an identification card and other proof of his employment. Upon investigation, he confessed everything and was later booked under relevant sections.

The delivery guy trick isn’t the only trick the Hyderabadis are using. They are also bringing in fake medical certificates to randomly roam around during the restricted hours. The police have to deal with such cases every day. Some people say that they came out to buy medicines for their parents or grandparents. But they don’t even have a proper prescription or proof from the doctor.

Especially Sundays are the worst for these law enforcers. As people still take it as a weekend holiday and come out of their homes for a long drive or something. Since May 12 till date, the police have booked numerous such citizens trying to fake emergencies.

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