Telangana Health Minister Hints At Oxygen Shortage in TS Hospitals

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Eatala Rajender reports on the availability of oxygen cylinders in Telangana 

Hyderabad: After Karnataka facing issues with a shortage of oxygen cylinders, Telangana has now reported that the state could soon face a shortage as well. If the cases keep rising and the number of patients getting admitted to the hospital increases, chances are that even Telangana runs out of oxygen cylinders.

Health Minister Eatala Rajender confirmed the news on Wednesday and said that oxygen cylinders are running out quickly. Rajender shared his concerns regarding the allocation of oxygen by the union ministry. He said that the union allotted Rourkela Steel Plant in Odisha to Telangana State when they could have gone for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant and Ballari Steel Plant that are nearby.

Due to the distance, these tankers take at least 7 days to reach Telangana state. Rajender informed about the issue of Union Health Minister Harshavardhan and requested him to consider allocating nearby plants. We are now waiting for a reply, added Rajender.

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As of now, there was no shortage reported in the state as the government was keeping a check ensuring, the cylinders don’t run out. But looking at the situation and the rise in the number of COVID patients at the hospitals, a shortage is likely. The concern here is that many people from adjacent cities and villages come to Hyderabad for treatment; we need enough oxygen for all of them.

Rajender urged the hospitals to use oxygen cylinders judiciously and only give them to patients who genuinely need them, ensuring no wastage. Apart from oxygen cylinders, the state is not concerned about other essential things like Remdesivir injections as there is enough stock for it. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is taking necessary steps to guarantee there is no black marketing of these injections.

In another report, it was said that the number of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 has risen to over 46,000, many of those who queued up in hundreds at Covid-19 testing centres were turned away because the centres ran out of test kits.

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