Telangana Gears Up For GWMC, KMC Polls

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Elections for Telangana's Urban Local Bodies scheduled.

Arrangements have been made for the Telangana ULB elections.

Aside from GWMC and KMC, polling will be conducted in the municipalities of Siddipet, Achampet, Nakrekal, Kothur, and Jadcherla.

Hyderabad: In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the State Election Commission (SEC) has made elaborate arrangements to enable over 11.59 lakh voters, including 5.84 lakh women, to vote in the elections on April 30 for two Municipal Corporations – Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) and Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC) – and five other Municipalities.

These voters would cast ballots in 1,539 polling stations, with 878 in the GWMC and 376 in the KMC. Aside from GWMC and KMC, polling will be conducted in the municipalities of Siddipet, Achampet, Nakrekal, Kothur, and Jadcherla.

C. Parthasarathi, the state election commissioner, met the district collectors on Wednesday (April 28th) to discuss the arrangements and the situation.

Officials were given orders to follow the Covid-19 safety protocols. The 9,809 poll workers have already received face masks, face guards, hand gloves, sanitizers, and other required equipment. In light of the pandemic, priority has been given to establishing polling booths in large halls, as well as adequately sanitizing the premises.

Staff were also given instructions to download the Arogya Sethu app, and those who will be handling ballot boxes were given PPE kits. The SEC has made extensive security arrangements for the smooth operation of the elections with the help of the police.

In addition, 676 sensitive polling booths have been listed in the ULBs. The GWMC and KMC include the bulk of the sensitive polling booths.

Eighty percent of the voter registration cards have already been issued. Every ULB has organized flying squads and static surveillance teams to track the situation at polling stations. Officials delivered 2500 ballot boxes to polling booths and provided polling workers with training in order to administer the elections smoothly.

Elections to seven ULB corporations (GWMC, KMC), as well as municipalities (Siddipet, Achampet, Jadcherla, Nakrekal, and Kothur)

Total voters: 1159112

Men: 573909

Women: 584963

Others: 240

Polling booths: 1539

Staff attending polling duty: 9809

Total sensitive polling booths in 11 ULBs: 676

Ballot boxes dispatched to polling booths: 2500

Security personnel were deployed: 4557

Up until April 27th, there had been no action taken against MCC breaches.

Cash seized: Rs.3.65 lakh

Liquor seized: 479.37 litres worth Rs1.25 lakh

Complaints received: 37

FIRs filed: 67

Banners removed: 579

Posters removed: 1336

Wall writings removed: 34

Flexes removed: 48

Party flags removed: 376

Others: 426

The SEC will strictly enforce Covid guidelines at counting centres. Because of the increase in Covid-19 cases in Telangana, the State Election Commission (SEC) has agreed to impose stricter rules during vote counting.

After the votes are counted, victory processions will not be permitted, and only two people will be allowed to accompany the winning candidate or his/her authorized representative to collect the certificate of election from the Returning Officer concerned, according to SEC Secretary M Ashok Kumar. Any breach of the guidelines would be taken very seriously.

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