Telangana Gay Couple to Marry, a First in TS

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Telangana is getting ready to witness the first gay wedding after two bold young men came out to get hitched. Supriyo and Abhay, who had been in a relationship for eight years, wanted to make it official by getting married in December. 

When asked about their relationship, Supriyo said, "I met him eight years ago on a dating app called "Planet Romeo". After having an hour-long conversation, we liked each other, and we were in a live-in relationship for a while and have now decided to get married. "

Supriyo added that their parents accepted their wedding by God's grace. "Our parents, being typical Indians, at first rejected our relationship. However, we took time and made them understand." 

Abhay and Supriyo said that they are the first LGBTQ+ couple to get married in Telangana. "Though there are a lot of people who have gotten married in other states, we are the first ones to get married in Telangana," they say.

While Supriyo is a lecturer in the hotel management school, Abhay works in the software development industry. Supriyo added, "I am a Bengali and Abhay is a Punjabi and we will have everything as in regular marriages, from Haldi to brunch party. Our parents have already started shopping and all are excited about our wedding." 

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