Telangana Assistive Technology Exhibition 2021 in Hyderabad on World Braille Day

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Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC Foundation) in collaboration with the Welfare of Disabled & Senior Citizens Department hosted a State-level Exhibition for Assistive Technology on 4th January that marks the World Braille Day, as a part of Telangana Assistive Technology Summit 2.0, to recognize and showcase assistive and rehabilitative solutions for the elderly and people with disabilities (PWDs). 

The exhibition was organized at the grounds of Muffakham Jah College for Engineering & Technology and was graced by Shri. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary to ITE&C, Shri. Divya Devarajan, Spl. Secretary to WCD & WDSC, Shri. Shailaja Sajja, State Commissioner to Welfare of Disabled & Senior Citizens, and Chairman of TVCC Shri. Vasudeva Reddy. The officials had visited around 30+ innovations devised by Grassroot Innovators, Students from Telangana and Startups across India. While there have been recurring concerns in addressing the issues of the elderly and people with disabilities (PwDs), the exhibition aims to identify the best solutions, scale them to market-ready, and recognize the efforts being made to innovate in the space.

The exhibition is a part of the larger Assistive Technology Summit 2021 which has a culmination of stakeholders from Academia, Government, Startups, and Non-profit. The stakeholders of the exhibition are— Unmukt-The Senior Hub, Youth4Jobs, AssisTech Foundation, LVPEI Center for Innovation, Artilab Foundation, BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering. 

Outreach partners include Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology, J-Hub of JNTU-H, Telangana Academy for Skill & Knowledge, TBI@Osmania University, TBI@BITS Pilani Hyderabad, T-Tribe@T-Hub, and Stumagz., T Works, Social Alpha, Foundation, Assistech Foundation, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Youth4Jobs, Unmukt-The Senior Hub. 

As a part of the student competition culminated on Dec 3rd, 2022 three winners. The 1st Prize was awarded to an innovation named Infant cry detector,
2nd Prize for Smart fabricia Using IoT,
3rd Prize was awarded to Myoelectric arm.

Shri. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary to ITE&C, Govt. of Telangana, said, "We all know a developmental activities are happening across the State of Telangana and have been addressing the problems of marginalised communities. During such times, an innovative approach to address the concerns of PwDs is very much appreciated. The Department has already procured such innovations on Pilot basis in the last one year and we will look at doing the same to encourage more innovators and entrepreneurs. This platform is an inclusive way to make way for startups coming from across India to find their market here in Telangana"

Smt. Shailaja Sajja, State Commissioner of Welfare of Senior Citizens & Disabled Welfare, said, "Innovations showcased at AT Exhibition can enable specially abled to make their life more efficient. The Department has been very proactive in incorporating innovative methodologies to address the concerns of PwDs in the form of product and service-based solutions."

Dr. Shanta Thoutam, Chief Innovation Officer, Govt. of Telangana, said, "Telangana Assistive Technology Exhibition 2021 is an effort by Government of Telangana to create an inclusive innovation ecosystem by taking innovation into People with Disabilities, a community that has always been away from the concept. It aims to culminate all the players in the space of Assistive Technology from Researchers to Academicians, Innovators to Entrepreneurs, Incubators to Not-for-Profits. The 2021 edition has 10 startups, 3 Students teams, 2 Grassroots Innovators."

Shri. Vasudeva Reddy, Chairman of Telangana Vikalangula Co-operative Corporation, said, "I extend my gratitude to the Department of ITE&C for formulating such program for People with Disabilities as it will create awareness on the technologies available for the community."

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