Telangana Assembly Monsoon Sessions Till October 5

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At the BAC meeting, an important decision was made.

The Congress will meet for at least 20 days.

CM KCR asked that the assembly hold the sessions for as long as feasible.

Hyderabad: The state legislature's eighth session will last until the 5th of next month. At the Legislative Affairs Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting on Friday, this was decided in principle. After mourning for the former members, the assembly proceedings, which began at 11 a.m. Friday, were adjourned. Speaker Pocharam took over as chair of the BAC meeting shortly after. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao along with Deputy Speaker Padma Rao, MIM Legislative Party Leader Akbaruddin Owaisi, Congress Legislative Party Leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Legislative Affairs Minister Vemula Prashant Reddy, Ministers Harish Rao, Gangula Kamalakar, Niranjan Reddy, Koppula Ishwar Dip, Chief and others were present.

With differences of opinion

Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka on behalf of Congress has appealed to the legislature to hold sessions for at least 20 days. CM KCR stated that the administration is prepared to hold the House for any number of days. However, because of disagreements between the government and the opposition about meeting dates, it was decided in principle to postpone the sessions until October 5. If there was a demand to discuss more topics at the sessions, they proposed holding another BAC meeting and extending the dates. Meetings will take place through October 5, with a break planned on the 25th, 26th, and 2nd and 3rd of this month, as well as the 2nd and 3rd of next month.

Let's be an ideal for the country: CM KCR‌

CM KCR stated at the BAC meeting that Telangana, which is ahead in many sectors, should be an excellent model for the country when it comes to conducting assembly sessions. The Speaker was requested to decide on how to build great traditions in compliance with the Protocol's requirements.

"The assembly should be convened for as many days as possible. All issues should be discussed at length. Allocate adequate time for negotiations and take the advice of the opposition. Not only government issues but also issues that the opposition wants to discuss should be taken into consideration. Assembly sessions should be held in accordance with the House traditions such as Question Hour, Zero Hour, Adjournment Motions. Lunch should be arranged daily as the House will send the bills to the members in advance, " the CM appealed to the members. The Speaker should take efforts to ensure that MLAs follow the protocol's requirements.

He asked the Speaker to take MLAs to Delhi and take steps to uphold the supremacy of the Telangana Assembly as an ideal for the country. Private members are required to review the bill every Friday during budget meetings. It is recommended that the Legislative Rule Book be reviewed, that Assembly Committee meetings be held regularly, and that Assembly Committees travel overseas to learn new things. He said that the assembly was simply meant to be a place where people could have meaningful debates about important matters, not a place where people could wrestle.

The Assembly session planned to offer a break on February 25, 26, February 2 and 3 (Saturdays and Sundays) was finalised.

That is if the meetings are scheduled on the same day as the 24th. The meetings will last for eight days.

If required, the BAC meeting will be rescheduled and the notion of deciding on meeting extension was proposed.

It was decided at the BAC meeting chaired by Chairman Bhupal Reddy that the council meeting would not be held till the 5th of next month.

Discussions On Topics

Dalitabandhu, agriculture, information technology, and industry make up a total of ten items, with haritaharam assembly/council sessions to consider the proposed government rounding off the list.

Unemployed youth, Dalits, Krishna Godavari waters, education, agriculture-forest rights law, agriculture, medicine-health, Dharani portal, essentials-price rise, peacekeeping, drugs, and alcohol-excise are among the 12 concerns raised by the Congress.

The MIM party has recommended that the development of the historic town of ‘Hyderabad' be discussed.

The agenda will be finalised by Monday, according to the Speaker, to formalise the ideas of the government and opposition parties and to include as many subjects as possible in the discussion.

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