Telangana Adds Pattadar Passbook Issue to Dharani Portal

Telangana Adds Pattadar Passbook Issue to Dharani Portal - Sakshi Post

Telangana: The Dharani portal now has a new feature.

Hyderabad: Another module added to Dharani, the one-stop site for agricultural land registration, is the issue of Pattadar Passbooks (PPB) and Non-Agricultural Lands Assessment Act (NALA) conversions where the pattadar name is listed as "House/House Site."

The new module will help applications on the Dharani portal that include ‘house/house site' entered in the pattadar column.

The application must be submitted in Dharani and include information on the pattadar, the land, and evidence of ownership, as well as a photo or video showing the land. Individuals and institutions, even those who acquired them through a registered document, can apply.

Once the data submission on the portal is complete, an application number will be produced and delivered by SMS. For biometric authentication, the candidate can go to any Meeseva centre.

Following biometric authentication, the application must be presented to the District Collector in question, who will accept or reject it following an inspection. An ePPB would be issued where it was authorised, and a real PPB would be sent in the post.

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