Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital Hyderabad Flooded With Firecracker Injury Cases on Diwali

 - Sakshi Post

The celebration of the festival of lights remained in darkness for a few in Hyderabad. According to the sources, more than 40 cases of eye sores caused by firecrackers were reported at Hyderabad Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital. 

While 30 eye injuries were reported on Diwali, November 04, at the hospital, five people were admitted to the hospital and three people were done with operations. On November 5, out of the ten eye injuries reported, five people were admitted. 

The doctor said that the injuries happened because of rockets and bombs to both children and adults. She further said that the patients had burned their eyelids and complained of pain and blurred vision. 

After witnessing such cases, the Regional Medical Officer suggested that people avoid rockets, bomb crackers, and keep a distance while burning crackers. They urged parents not to leave their children while burning crackers and to make sure everyone wears protective glasses while celebrating the festival. 

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