This Sangareddy Boy Loves Villain More Than Hero Mahesh in Dookudu

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A Sangareddy boy destroys the television, and Sonu Sood's tweet makes everyone chuckle.

After watching his favourite actor Sonu thrashed by a hero in a film, a seven-year-old schoolboy in Sangareddy, Telangana, couldn't contain his rage.

HYDERABAD: Would you picture actor Sonu Sood as an on-screen hero after seeing him play the bad guy in nearly every film he's ever done? After all the charitable work he has done in his real-life throughout the pandemic, you wouldn't mind seeing him as an on-screen lead actor, right?

Well, an incident related to the actor that took place in Telangana has gone viral. Unable to watch his favourite person Sonu getting thrashed by a hero in a film, a seven-year-old schoolboy in Sangareddy, Telangana, couldn't contain his rage.

Unable to watch any longer, the seven-year-old kid in Nyalkal village, Sangareddy district, reacted angrily and destroyed the television set at home.

The family was watching Mahesh Babu in the film "Dhookudu." Sonu Sood, as in virtually all of his flicks, has a negative role in this one. On July 12, the boy and his relatives sat in the room watching a Telugu channel when the film was broadcast.

When hero Mahesh Babu started to thrash ‘villain’ Sonu Sood in the movie, the boy got up and pushed the television set, which got damaged. "How dare he beat up Sonu Sood? It is not acceptable to me and I will not tolerate it," the boy responded when his uncle Ashok Kumar questioned him about damaging the TV.

On Tuesday, Ashok informed a prominent news outlet that he asked his nephew what he knew about Sonu Sood because he couldn't stand seeing him getting beaten up in a film. The boy answered with, "Did he not help people during lockdown?"

He wanted Sood to be depicted as a hero and wondered why, after saving millions of lives during the pandemic, he was portrayed as a villain in the movies. The boy destroyed his television set at home right away, and the story ultimately made it to the front pages of news outlets.

Later, the actor's attention was drawn to a video clip of the news that was shared on Twitter. And Sonu Sood's response had Twitterati in splits. "Arrreee, don't break your TVs," the actor responded. "His dad is going to ask me to buy a new one now."

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