Rome Was Not Built In A Day, We Are Progressing: KTR On Hyderabad Development

 - Sakshi Post

TRS Working President KTR shared his thoughts on Hyderabad's global image, inclusive growth, IT ecosystem and future plans for the city with Bharani Aroll, President, HYSEA, at Brand Hyderabad Future Ready session at HICC in Hyderabad today. 

“All what matters is whether we make a difference to society or not. Unless you do things with passion, you will not be able to deliver. That's what I believe in, said Working President KTR. 

Talking about the city’s development, he said that Rome was not built in a day. See the intent and see the sincerity of the government, we have started a journey in that direction. We have taken up a lot of development activities, and we have a lot more to do, he adds. 

KTR stated that Telangana is India's most successful startup State. We fought hard for the State and have delivered on many counts, he added. 

He highlighted that top five most valued companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft have made Hyderabad their second home. “The government has been an enabler and facilitator. Also, credit to the young talent pool available here,” he said. 

KTR stated that other than IT and life sciences in which Telangana will continue to be leader, we are excited and looking forward to the electronics, E-vehicles, textiles and logistics sector in the next decade.

Talking about various development works in Hyderabad, KTR said with SRDP, link roads, Comprehensive Road Management Program, city's road infra has been improving. Our sewerage system couldn't handle the cloud burst, which is the highest since 1916. With SNDP, I promise that such a situation won't occur in Hyderabad again, he said. 

KTR also stated that elections will come and go but what culture we are promoting is important. Trying to disturb the communal harmony for an election is a cardinal sin. To stall the growth trajectory of the city is idiocy, he said. 

KTR also said that the TRS government treats everyone equally. Great cities are built with great governance. Delivering promises without any discrimination helped Hyderabad to remain as an investment magnet. 

In his closing comments, KTR said, “Hyderabad continues to attract people from across the world. Blessed with some natural advantages to it, the city just needs a progressive government as the enabler.”

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