Residents of Hyderabad Suburbs Impose Self Curfew To Contain COVID Spread

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Curfew in suburban areas of Hyderabad

Curfew from 7 pm onwards

Not wearing a face mask will invite a penalty

Hyderabad: With an increase in corona cases, residents in few areas of the city are voluntarily following lockdown and curfew measures. Penalties are being imposed for not wearing masks in those areas. Shops have also been asked to operate only in the morning hours.

Coronavirus is rampant across the country. With the second wave of Covid-19 hitting the country, the numbers of cases have gone through the roof. This has prompted the need for another lockdown.

On one hand, governments of several states are taking tough decisions to curb the spread of coronavirus. On the other hand, people are also making voluntary decisions like lockdown and curfew depending on the severity of the cases in their areas.

Some citizens have imposed curfew in the suburbs of Hyderabad. Firstly, people have decided to impose curfew in Aziz Nagar village in Moinabad Mandal of Rangareddy district. A night curfew was imposed in Aziz Nagar, adjacent to the city's Outer Ring Road. The decision to this effect was taken by the Sarpanch Sandhya and the villagers belonging to the Srisailam village of Aziz Nagar, Moinabad Mandal in the wake of the rampant corona epidemic.

Locals have decided to impose a full night curfew from 7 pm to 6 am as a precaution in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic. Similarly, masks must be worn along with compliance with maintaining social distance. If masks are not worn, violators are being fined Rs. 500.

Village elders have stated that they would impose a fine of Rs 500 on shops that stayed opened during the curfew hours. Depending on the severity of the cases, people in several villages and suburbs in Telangana are already voluntarily locked down.

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