Regional Ring Road Project A Cause of Worry For Medak Farmers

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Land acquisition for the proposed Regional Ring Road (RRR) is going to cost a lot to the Telangana Government. From the estimated cost of Rs 16,000 Crores for the project, the State can end up spending anywhere between Rs 2,000 Crores and Rs 2,500 Crores towards its share on taking over land for road expansion works.

Residents of Kandi Village in Sangareddy district are confused as to the state of their agricultural lands. They are worried that their lands might be acquired by the State government under the RRR land acquisition and expansion.

Residents of the Narsapur area are also worried as the survey was reported to have been conducted at three places in the past but nothing was finalized. There was an impression among the residents the RRR will pass about 10 kilometers away from the revenue divisional headquarters town but no one was sure.

In the combined Medak district, Sangareddy, Kandi, Narsapur, Shivampet, Nacharam, Gajwel, and Jagadevpur were expected to be linked by RRR. Surveys were reported to have been conducted for the mega road project to include Toopran, but now it has been replaced with Masaipet.

The land rates have already skyrocketed and they are expected to go up further with the announcement and there are many who are interested in investing now and ready to wait.

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