A Portion of Telangana Assembly Elevation Collapses

A Portion of Telangana Assembly Elevation In The East Side Collapses - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: A portion of the elevation of the Telangana Assembly building collapsed on Monday afternoon and fell into the premises. A major accident was however avoided, as the debris fell into the garden in the vicinity of the Assembly.

As per reports, the elevation on the east side of the old assembly building collapsed making a loud noise. The side portion of the elevation of the office building of Government Chief Whip Rega Kanta Rao collapsed. Security personnel who heard the noise immediately rushed to the spot to check if anyone was in the vicinity. However, no one was injured in the incident. The building  is 115 years old and is located near the Public Gardens in the city.

The Telangana Assembly building is a heritage building which was built on crowd funds by the citizens of Hyderabad, who raised money to build it to mark the 40th birthday of Nizam Mahboob Ali Khan. The construction began during the reign of the 6th Nizam Mahaboob Ali Khan in the year 1905 and was completed by December 1913. Architects who were commissioned to design the whole building, which is in two styles - Persian and Rajasthan. The building became functional during the reign of the 7th Nizam Mir Usman Ali Khan. It was originally known as the 'Mahabubia Town Hall'.

A new building was built in the year 1980 in order to accommodate the legislative offices of ministers and political parties.Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao planned to construct the new Assembly at Errum Manzil which is located at the heart of the city, at a cost of Rs 100 crore. He even laid the foundation stone for the assembly construction on June 27 in 2019.

The Telangana High Court directed the State government not to demolish Errum Manzil building till further orders after a batch of PILs were filed separately seeking direction to the State government not to demolish Errum Manzil, for constructing new Assembly building in its place.

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