PM Modi Stranded on Road in Punjab Shows Where he Stands Today, Says KTR

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Hyderabad: TRS Working President KTR also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that he failed to fulfill promises made to the Nation. PM Narendra Modi promised a house, and also promised to provide water, electricity and toilets to every household by the year 2022. Let alone India, we did not see this happen even in his own state Gujarat. He utterly failed in delivering his promises, KTR said. 

KTR also added that the farmers income would be doubled by 2022, which again was Modi's promise on paper. Today the Prime Minister’s convoy was stopped on the road for more than 20 minutes in Punjab. This shows where he stands today in the country. 

Functioning of bullet trains in the country by 2022 was another jhumla of BJP, KTR said. 

TRS Working President KTR also mentioned that it was Telangana State which stood in first position with 96.8% ODF villages followed by Tamil Nadu in second place. BJP governed states were nowhere to be seen, he said. 

The NDA Govt led by PM Modi has not done any good to any section of society in the country, said KTR.  When we request for procurement of paddy in New Delhi, they don’t support us. But instead come to Telangana and do drama here, said KTR. 

KTR said, “In India, there are 15 lakh job vacancies. BJP Govt. don't have the capacity to fill them. Here when we are working towards creating jobs, they don't give approval for zonal systems.” 

Working President KTR called CM KCR an ATM - Annadatalaku Thodu unde Machine. And at the same time, he said that the BJP govt is selling PSUs and making money out of it. 

KTR also stated that the BJP is only copying the schemes introduced by TRS Govt in Telangana. He stated that Kisan Samman Nidhi was a replica of Rythu Bandhu, and Har Ghar Jal Yojana was a replica of Mission Bhagiratha. 

TRS did not invest crores of public money in Made in China statues. But BJP did, said KTR. 

MP Bandi Sanjay who was breaking his head lost his mind. And Nadda came to support him. This is foolish. There is no difference between Nadda and Sanjay when it comes to their IQ,  KTR said. 

Under the leadership of CM KCR, we will continue to work for the people and we will question the ruling BJP at every step for doing wrong things, said TRS Working President KTR.

TRS Working President KTR vehemently attacked the BJP leadership for indulging in cheap and heinous politics. 

“I am not responding to JP Nadda, but I want to clarify a few things to the people of Telangana,” said Mr. KTR in his opening lines of the press conference which was held at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad today.

KTR stated that the BJP is nothing but a ‘Bakwas Jhumla Party.’ They do no good to the country. When we call them out for doing Jhumla, they do hamla by using ED, CBI and NIA. They only want to create communal disturbances and get votes in the country. 

TRS Working President KTR opined that JP Nadda’s mental balance has gone for a toss. He trashed the statements made by Nadda on Kaleshwaram Project and Mission Bhagiratha. 

Referring to the question asked by MP Revanth Reddy in Parliament which was answered by Minister of State for Jal Shakti Mr. Bisweshwar Tudu, who responded saying that the  Telangana Govt. executed all the funds for Kaleshwaram project and there were no instances of corruption noticed, KTR said.   

KTR also stated that the Kaleshwaram Project which is the world's largest lift irrigation project received applause from everyone. JP Nadda has lost his mind and is just reading out anything given to him by the local BJP leaders, KTR said. 

KTR highlighted that people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (which is Nadda’s birthplace) are migrating to Telangana for livelihood, after seeing the useless governance of BJP. They are being taken care of by the TRS Govt here. He also mentioned that Telangana State is seeing reverse migration in various parts. 

Nadda has no right to talk about CM KCR who has introduced so many farmer welfare schemes in Telangana. And at the same time, farmers protesting in Delhi were lati charged and were tortured in many ways, said KTR. 

Giving a counter to Nadda’s statement of family rule in Telangana, KTR stated that they were elected by people, and have come with a history of fighting for separate statehood for Telangana. He reminded JP Nadda that his Mother-in-law Jaysree Banerjee was a member of Parliament. He took a series of names of BJP leaders who have multiple family members in politics.

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