Orchestra on Tank Bund Sunday Evening to Pay Tributes to SPB

 - Sakshi Post

The Sunday Funday on Tank Bund is grabbing the public's attention. For this week's Funday event, the air will be filled with the late SP Balasubramanyam's songs. This is in addition to a performance by the Railway Protection Force band as part of the RPF Raising Day week. According to an official press release, there will be fireworks, cultural events, shopping, games, and restaurants on Sunday, as well as livewire artists displaying their beat boxing and rapping abilities, which were extremely well welcomed last time. In addition, three 20-artist teams will perform Oggu Dolu, Gussadi, and Bonalu Kolatam all along the Tank bund stretch.

Officials added that in between these performances, they planned two one-minute-long firework exhibitions that the public could see from anywhere on the Tank Bund. Clowns, jugglers, unicyclists, and other entertainers would be on hand to engage the audience, particularly children. The Urban Forestry branch of HMDA will put up kiosks for free distribution of more than 30 types of seedlings, after distributing over 15,000 saplings last time. HMDA will also provide free masks. So don't miss the Funday event today on Tank Bund.

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