NSUI Fighting For People's Welfare: Balmoor Venkat

 - Sakshi Post

Addressing the press, NSUI State President Venkat Balmoor said that, “The struggle we have waged is not for political purposes but only for the welfare of the people.”

“Minister Mallareddy has stepped down due to our struggle and announced that he will provide free corona treatment, but we demand that the government take over the illegally constructed hospital and buildings and set up a free corona centre,” he added.

He shared that they wore PPE kits and took all the necessary measures while doing the protests to avoid any risk. When asked to shift the protest, they obliged and moved to the Front Gate. Still, we faced issues as, “Mallareddy Hospital Security Staff & Minister Mallareddy Personal Staff threatened us & tried to attack us,” he explained.

The accusation of us attacking the doctors was made by Mallareddy's Cousin and if that is so, then maybe they share the proof videos with the media. “The action taken by the Covid Task Force Committee appointed by the government is null and void. People are dying of Paying Bill.”

Our fight is for the welfare of the people. This is our only reason. The concern here is that everyone is being manipulated. “We still demand that the government take appropriate action against Minister Mallareddy,” added President Venkat. “We will definitely hold a media conference in the coming days with full evidence on the irregularities.”

The event was attended by TPCC Legal Cell leaders Srinivas, Shashikant and NSUI leaders released on bail from remand.

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