Niloufer Hospital Hyderabad Reserves Block For Orphaned Kids

Niloufer Hospital Hyderabad Reserves Block For Orphaned Kids - Sakshi Post

Niloufer will dedicate a block to orphaned and abandoned children.

Hyderabad: The Niloufer Children's Hospital has agreed to give Shishu Vihar, a child-care centre, a block dedicated to the health of abandoned or orphaned children aged 0-6.

Shishu Vihar, which operates under the direction of Women and Child Welfare, is responsible for the care and nurture of neglected children and those who have lost their parents.

Shishu Vihar's first choice for relocating children in need of care is Niloufer Hospital. Any youngster spotted wandering the streets is sent to a state-run hospital. The fact that these youngsters are in separate beds in various parts of the hospital makes it impossible for physicians and Shishu Vihar personnel to treat them.

With this in mind, the authorities of Niloufer and Shishu Vihar submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, which was gladly approved.

"After the approval, arrangements are being made at Niloufer Hospital with all facilities, including dedicated doctors and cooks. Once the works are completed, by next week, the block will be made available for medical treatment, with which a dedicated medical treatment will be given to the children," said Niloufer officials.

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