Muslim Girl Who Went Missing At Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid Reunited With Family, But It Was A Shocking Reunion

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A family who lost their daughter years ago was finally reunited with her, but what happened is something that the family would have never imagined. As per a report published in a leading English daily, the family was finally reunited with their daughter, but over the years, something had changed.

The Incident

Sakina and her husband live with their three children in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Years ago, the family had gone on a pilgrimage trip. After visiting Ajmer Sharif, the family of 5 went to Mecca Masjid. The girl accompanied her father to get water, when the unfortunate incident happened.

Sakina and her husband lost their daughter 15 years ago during their visit to Mecca masjid in Hyderabad. When the daughter, Fatima was just two-and-half-years old, Sakina lost her baby girl in the Masjid. The family tried a lot to search for the girl.

The Search and Struggle

After the girl went missing, the family including mother Sakina, father and her two siblings went on a search. They decided to cancel their trip back to Kurnool and stayed in Hyderabad for a long time, searching for Sakina.

The family struggled a lot during that time and had to work in order to pay for their stay. Son, Hussain had to work in a hotel so that the family could buy food. The family searched for months in Hyderabad, before they gave up.

After losing all the hopes of finding their daughter, the family returned to Kurnool. The parents couldn’t stop crying and the family mourned for a long time. Ever since then, the family had prayed and hoped for their daughter to be safe and healthy, no matter where she was.

It was a really hard time for the family especially the father as many blamed him and even accused him of selling away their daughter. Among all these allegations, there weren’t many who sympathized with the family.

The Reunion

The long awaited reunion came after 15 full years and it was nothing short of a miracle. It was a happy coincidence when two police cops visited a child welfare home in Hyderabad. Under their project, “Operation Smile” the cops were on the regular check duty. These checks are carried out to ensure there is no child trafficking or other illegal activities happening.

In the welfare home, the cops came across Fatima, now named ‘Swapna’ who is now in class XI. The investigation revealed that a man called Khwaja Moinuddin from Kurnool had lodged a complaint for their missing daughter in 2005.

Cyberabad sub-Inspector said that, he got a confirmation regarding the same from his acquaintance in Kurnool. The police questioned the family, where mother Sakina recited the incident in detail. Along with that she even spoke of all the identification marks that Swapna (Fatima) has.

Before the family can take their daughter home, they will have to wait for the DNA test results. Only after that, will they be allowed to take Swapna, home.

The Revelation

Fatima is now Swapna and she was raised as a Hindu. Now a Sai Baba believer, Swapna has no information or knowledge of her original culture. Her environment and life is completely different. It will be a major problem for her trying to adjust with the new family and culture.

The family shared that they can’t wait to take Swapna (Fatima) home. They will take care of her and slowly introduce her to all the family members. The family said they will prioritize her wish and happiness. She will complete her studies in Hyderabad itself.

Imagine living and believing in one religion for your whole life only to find out that this is not where you belong. Living your whole life as a Hindu only to find out you actually are a Muslim. This could be a major culture shock.

For Swapna, her family is ready to take care of her in the way that she feels comfortable. As long as she has support from her family and gets to live in an understanding environment, Swapna will be able to cope sooner.

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