Make A Wish Foundation's One Day Commissioner For Hyderabad, Sadiq Passes Away

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Sadiq, a ten-year-old boy who once worked as a police commissioner for the city of Hyderabad for a day, died on Wednesday at Rekurti near Karimnagar.

The boy, who has been suffering from leukemia for a long time, is now 17 years old, said his father Javed Basha. Sadiq was passionate about the police job.

It was due to this interest that the Make a Wish Foundation focused on fulfilling his desire of becoming a cop for at least a day in his lifetime.

On October 15, 2014, the government-approved body appointed Sadiq as the one-day commissioner for the city of Hyderabad. Sadiq took over the responsibilities from M. Mahenderreddy, who was the city chief at the time.

Javed Basha said the doctors' efforts to save Sadiq were in vain and that he was forever indebted to the police department for fulfilling his son's last wish. 

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