KTR's Open Letter to PM Modi on Providing Jobs for Youth

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TRS working President KTR stated that the Telangana movement was all about righteous share in water, funds and employment. He added that the Telangana Govt, in the past eight years has left no stone unturned to make this a reality. 

TRS Working President KTR stated that lakhs of crores of rupees were brought to the State in the form of investments through innovative and friendly industrial policies. He stated that over 16 lakh private jobs were created in the State. 

KTR said that the Union Govt on various platforms has praised the Telangana Govt for its tremendous work in creating jobs in private sectors. 

KTR stated that Telangana Govt has filled over 1,32,000 Govt jobs in the State. He added that the Telangana Govt will soon fill up another one lakh Govt. jobs in the State. "We run a government which believes in action and not in mere slogans and lip service," KTR said.

In the letter, TRS Working President stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed miserably in creating jobs for the youth of the nation. KTR demanded that the Union Govt. fill up the 16 lakh Govt. jobs which are vacant at present. 

“Your inefficient decisions and ineffective economic policies led to the loss of jobs, instead of creating new employment opportunities in the country,” KTR said. 

He added that demonetization and lockdown during covid majorly impacted the jobs and livelihood of people in the country. KTR stated that there are only pakoda employment opportunities in the country today, all thanks to the inefficient policies of the Union Govt. 

KTR also stated that the Union Govt has miserably failed in attracting global investments to the country which could create employment opportunities for the youth. 

KTR stated that the union Govt has no commitment to the welfare of agriculture and the textile sectors as these are the two major sectors people depend on for jobs. He added that the small countries in the neighbourhood have more employees in this sector than those in India. 

KTR stated that due to the indecisiveness of the Union Govt., the country today is witnessing the highest unemployment rate in the past 45 years. He stated that the Central Govt is negatively impacting the existing job opportunities instead of creating new ones. He stated that lakhs of Govt jobs were being lost as the Union Govt was selling Govt companies.  

KTR added that the Union Govt, by scrapping the ITIR project for Hyderabad has affected the jobs which would help the youth of Telangana.   

TRS Working President KTR asked the following questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

When will you fill-up the 16 lakh job vacancies under the Union Govt? 

What actions have you taken to create 2 crore jobs per year? 

How many of the promised 2 crore jobs per year were created or will be created for the youth of Telangana? 

What answers do you have for the loss of employment opportunities caused due to the selling of govt assets to private entities? 

By privatization of Govt properties, the reservation policy in jobs will be removed. What answers do you have for the SC, ST and BC youth who are being denied their jobs? 

How are you going to recognise and reward the Telangana Govt which is giving major support to the country’s economy?

What do you have to say to the youth of Telangana regarding their jobs and the creation of other employment opportunities? 

Do you have an answer to the demand we have been making on behalf of Telangana youth for 8 years to revive the Hyderabad ITIR project or give another special package as an alternative?

“On one hand, you make statements like sabka saat, sabka vikas. But on the other hand, your party leaders believe and act more on the lines of ‘sabko satyanash karo’. This attitude of yours is becoming a threat to the Indians not only in the country but outside the country as well. Due to this, the country is going backwards in development. As a result, crores of people are losing their jobs,” KTR said. 

“You have come to Telangana and only extended lip service. But not a penny was allocated to the State. At least now, give a clarity on employment creation for the youth of the country. Respond to the questions I have asked on behalf of the youth of our country,” KTR said. 

KTR stated that TRS will stand by the youth of the nation and fight for their jobs to be created by the Union Govt.

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