KTR Keynote Address at Ambition India Business Forum in Paris

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KTR's keynote address drew all round applause from business and political leaders attending the Ambition India Business Forum being held at the French Senate in Paris. 

The session topic of the prestigious Conference was: ‘Growth: Drafting the future of Indo-French relations in a post-COVID era’.

“While national policies are indeed the prerogative of the central government., in our federal structure, the states also enjoy considerable autonomy in multiple operational issues like allotment of land, providing approval and permissions, helping the companies get trained manpower, preferential procurement policies, etc, said KTR during his speech. 

KTR highlighted the welfare schemes and development taking place in Telangana State in the past seven years under the leadership of Chief Minister KCR. 

KTR outlined the way Telangana State is marching ahead under the leadership of CM Sri KCR in the last seven years. Mentioned the investor-friendly policies and the industrial ecosystem prevailing in the State. He invited the French businessmen to explore the investment opportunities in Telangana.  

Speaking at the Forum, Minister KTR stated that the Telangana Government is willing to develop a dedicated industrial cluster for French companies, particularly SMEs.

Talking about TSiPASS, Minister KTR said, “We (Telangana) are the most progressive State in the country. Our policy allows for self-certification and also promises 15-day clearances by statute. And if we don't deliver within the 15-day window, on the 16th day, it's deemed approved.” 

Telangana has a large land bank of about 200 thousand acres with the TSIIC. All these lands are very strategically located and have the best of high-quality infrastructure like power, water, waste disposal, connectivity, etc, he said. 

KTR highlighted the Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) and stated that the Government would train people at its own cost, transforming them into quality human resources which also provides major employment opportunities to the locals. 

Minister KTR stated that companies that intended to invest in India can mention what other States are offering, Telangana will meet their offer, if not, beat their offer.

“Very grateful to the organisers for choosing Telangana as the partner state for this event,” said Minister KTR.


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