Jaggareddy Sensational Comments Against Revanth Reddy

Jaggareddy - Sakshi Post

Senior Congress leader Jaggareddy was ourtaged over the fact that to glorify one hero, the rest of the leaders were being trampled upon. Speaking at a press conference on Friday, he lashed out, asking, "Is this a party or a private limited company?" He questioned Revanth Reddy on his decision to fix programs even before discussing them with party members.

Every member in the Congress is equal, there is no one star in the party, said Jaggareddy. "Shouldn't I be informed of If the PCC comes to Sangareddy? Isn't that the protocol? Is Revanth indirectly saying that there are differences between Jaggareddy and Revanth Reddy? Jaggareddy said that he had been an MLA three times even before Revanth became the PCC chief.

Meanwhile, the current remarks have become a topic of discussion in the wake of the upcoming Congress-House meeting at the CLP office. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka, MLC Jeevan Reddy, MP Uttam Kumar Reddy and others have already reached the CLP office.

Heroism does not work in politics. If you question the injustices happening in the party, will you spread false propaganda against me through social media? asked Jaggareddy. Speaking at the media point on Friday, he asked Geeta Reddy, why he was not given a chance to speak.

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