It Rained Money in Charminar, Video Viral

It Rained Money in Charminar, Video Viral - Sakshi Post

Unidentified youth were seen throwing currency notes in the air on the streets of the old city near Charminar. The incident took place at Gulzar House Fountain under Charminar Police Station limits. The incident which took place on June 10, came to light only after a video went viral.

On the 10th of this month (Friday at 4 am), a bunch of youngsters in four cars came from Madina to Gulzar'House and parked their cars. They got off their cars and went to the fountain where they threw Rs.20 notes. 

The sanitation workers who were on duty at the spot are said to have picked up the currency notes that had fallen on the road.

CCTV footage showed the youths creating a commotion at the Gulzar House Fountain for a while and then heading towards the Kali kamaan. Charminar Inspector Guru Naidu said that the incident took place in the middle of the road while a wedding was underway. 
The CCTV footage of the area is being examined. The police are investigating to find out if the notes tossed by the youth were fake or real.

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