Hyderabadis Wary Of Weekend Getaways As Drowning Cases Rise

Hyderabadis Wary Of Weekend Getaways As Drowning Cases Rise - Sakshi Post

Hyderabadis are wary of weekend getaways as the number of drowning cases rises.

Hyderabadis are paying the price for weekend getaways, as six people have drowned in the last 72 hours.

Hyderabad: Another Hyderabadi youth perished late Monday in the Kongala waterfalls in Vajedu Mandal of Mulugu district, where he was spending the weekend with his pals. Rahul Penta (22), a software engineer, was identified as the victim.

Six young people from Hyderabad have perished in the last 72 hours in various locations, while another was rescued by irrigation authorities after slipping into the Manjeera river in the Sangareddy district on Monday.

On Sunday, four young people from Borabanda in the city perished in Bidar, where they had gone to visit a dargah. The guys went to the lake to wash once the ceremonies were completed and waded into the deep end despite not knowing how to swim. When one of them began to sink, the others rushed to his aid, but they all perished in the water.

On Sunday evening, an older brother's attempt to save his younger sibling who fell into the Manjeera river while attempting to snap a picture on the river's banks proved expensive for the former, as he was carried away in the strong current. They were recognised as residents of Hyderabad's Tolichowki neighbourhood.

The six youngsters were all between the ages of 18 and 25, and none of them knew how to swim.

On weekends and vacations, Hyderabadi youth must exercise extreme caution while near water streams. If you don't know how to swim, don't get in the water. Before entering the slippery rocks surrounding lakes and dams, identify them to avoid an unintentional fall. When snapping selfies, be cautious and avoid getting too close to the streams.

On Tuesday morning in Telangana, two more youngsters drowned in a village pond in Ilapur, Lingampet Mandal, Kamareddy district.

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