Hyderabad Woman Loses Lakhs to Cybercriminals in Online Marriage Fraud

 - Sakshi Post

A woman software engineer from Hyderabad was cheated of Rs 21.7 lakhs by cybercriminals. The woman from Secunderabad is working in a software company and had registered with a matrimonial website for checking prospective grooms.

A month ago, a person introduced himself as Vamshi Krishna and told her that he was also a software engineer working in the United States. The victim and the fraudster contacted each other and had conversations for some days and decided to get married and settle in the US.

Meanwhile, in their conversation, Vamshi said that she had to get her visa done. However, as the victim did not know much about it, he said that he would arrange a visa for her. He later asked her to show bank statements to obtain the visa.

He further asked her to transfer Rs 21.70 lakh to a bank account and provided the details, saying he would give her back the money once the ‘statements’ were shown. The victim believed him and transferred the money. She later realized that she was cheated by the cybercriminal after his phone was switched off.

The victim immediately complained to the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police. Based on the complaint received from her, the police registered a case and are investigating.

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