Hyderabad Traffic Police To Install Acoustic Cameras To Check Noise Pollution

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Hyderabad Traffic Police officials are conducting a trial run of an acoustic camera at the Police Control Room Junction in the city.

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Traffic Police intend to employ acoustic cameras to detect vehicles honking beyond allowed limits to reduce needless honking and the resulting sound pollution.

On Wednesday, Hyderabad Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) AV Ranganath and other top officials tested the acoustic camera's ability to detect honking at the main police control room crossroads.

Previously, the Joint Commissioner researched the legal and technological concerns of using an audio camera to enforce honking violations. The German business Acoem Group demonstrated how acoustic cameras may be used to identify honking vehicles.

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Officials said they want to use technology to limit the sound pollution created by automobiles at several important intersections and highways throughout the city. Fines will be issued to the motorists online per the legislation. Others in attendance included traffic DCP N Prakash Reddy, Acoem Group's Pratik Shah, and others.

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