Hyderabad Students in Ukraine Appeal for Help

Hyderabad Students in Ukraine Appeal for Help  - Sakshi Post

Students from Hyderabad have appealed for help in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: As the situation in war-torn Ukraine deepens, students from Hyderabad appeal for assistance and rescue.

In a video message, students from Hyderabad, Mohammed Samiuddin and Mohiuddin Salman have appealed to the Indian government for assistance and rescue from the war-torn country.

While denying that the Indian government is rescuing students from Ukraine, Salman and Sami claim to be stranded in the Kyiv Medical University hostel with over 300 other Indian students.

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"We are students of Uzhhorod National Medical University who arrived in Kivy on February 24th as we were scheduled to fly out that day. Currently, we are stuck in the hostel of the KMU amidst heavy bombing (in the capital of the country). The media claims that students stranded in Kivy are being evacuated, but nothing has been communicated by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine so far," said Salman.

Salman and his friend arrived in the capital city a day before their flight, after travelling 14 hours from Uzhgorod, to join their flight the next day. They were, however, ordered to leave the airport within hours.

When a bomb went off 1.6 kilometres away, students panicked and rushed in different directions, losing track of their friends. Others raced towards the Indian consulate, while Salman and a group of five friends took refuge in the Kyiv Medical University hostel with 150 other resident students.

When Indian news outlets reached out to Salman today, he stated that the embassy had called the students and told them to stay put as the war escalated.

"We were finally able to get in touch with the embassy today. They have told us to stay where we are as the situation outside is tense at the moment. They have left us on our own, saying that we need to navigate our way to the borders that are 800 kilometres away, once transportation is available again," expressed an embittered, helpless Salman.

Salman's family lives in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, and has appealed to state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for assistance, since he has promised to assist in the return of the students who have been trapped in Ukraine.

In a video appeal that showed glimpses of the densely crowded basement of the KMU, Salman asked for help from the Indian government.

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