Hyderabad Police Collect Record Fines After Traffic Challan Discount

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Hyderabad: The police in the capital region's 'mega discount offer' drew a massive reaction, with citizens from the Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda police limits clearing about 1.6 million pending traffic challans worth Rs.115 crore in only 20 days.

According to authorities, 63 lakh traffic challans worth Rs.49.6 crore were cleared in the Hyderabad Police limits, while 38 lakh outstanding challans worth Rs.45.8 crore were cleared in the Cyberabad Police limits. 16 lakh outstanding challans worth Rs.17.6 crores were cleared in the Rachakonda boundaries, the largest commissionerate in terms of land and jurisdiction.

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"The discount is receiving good response. It has definitely come as a boon to motorists who had traffic challans piled up and could not pay owing to the pandemic and other personal reasons," a Rachakonda Traffic Police official remarked.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, vehicles with pending challans can be held and booked for traffic rule violations. Officials warned that if the pending challans are not cleared by the vehicle owner, a charge sheet may be filed in court and the individual may be imprisoned.

"Our aim is to educate, not impose fines. There is a need to have self-discipline. We want motorists to be self-disciplined and responsible while driving on public roads," a Cyberabad Traffic official said, adding that citizens could check for any pending e-challans regularly or daily on the website.

An appeal may be filed online or offline if there are any doubts or queries about traffic challans. Such appeals would be verified by the technical team, and if the case was inaccurate, action would be taken to delete it.

They added that any vehicle found with ten or more challans pending against it will be held and additional legal action taken.

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