Hyderabad Man Selling Remdesivir illegaly, Held

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Hyderabad: As the number of COVID19 cases in the country is increasing, it is also creating a problem regarding the drugs. For the past few weeks, there were reports regarding the shortage of anti-viral drug Remdesivir. Some people are taking advantage of this vulnerable situation to dig others’ pockets.

Recently an engineering graduate from Andhra Pradesh was arrested by the Cyberabad police as he was indulging in the illegal selling of the Remdesivir drug. The accused was identified as Dandaboina Narsimulu of the Kadapa district.

The Cyberabad police were tipped off by someone after which they raided Road no, 1, KPHB colony. Narsimulu tried to flee the scene but in vain as the police finally caught him. He was later taken to the station for questioning.

Narsimulu confessed that he was able to get Remdesivir from his friend in Anantapur. Although he received it for Rs 3,490, he was trying to sell them at Rs 28,000 each. The seized drugs were given to medical officials.

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Remdesivir manufacturing is being put to importance now. The centre is trying to ensure that all private and public hospitals have access to the drug.

The Remdesivir drug is used in treating coronavirus patients. It is a drug that has become necessary in the current situation. The reason for the shortage of this drug is the increase in cases in the country. As the number of hospitalized patients is increasing, the need for this drug is also increasing, which has subsequently led to a shortage.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. On May 8, a techie was arrested on suspicion of selling Remdesivir injections on the black market. The Hyderabad Task Force apprehended the perpetrator, Akula Mehul Kumar, 26, in Secunderabad's Pan Bazaar and confiscated four Remdesivir vials, a bike, and a cellphone. He bought each vial for about Rs 4,000 and sold them for nearly Rs 35,000.

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