Hyderabad ITC Kakatiya Master Chef Sakala Sankara Succumbs to COVID

 - Sakshi Post

Chef Sakala Sankara of ITC Kakatiya died early this morning due to Covid. He was Dakshin's master chef, and he had prepared delicacies for a number of well-known personalities, nobles, and athletes whenever they visited Hyderabad.

Chef Sakala Sankara had prepared several special menus at Dakshin. His Telangana Dhappalam, Mokka Vada, and Kodi Roast were well received throughout the city, and he will be remembered as a chef with a pleasant demeanor who was always happy to explain in depth about the food he prepared.

The loss of this skilled chef is being mounrned by Hyderabadis around the city. He had amassed a loyal following over the years.

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