Hyderabad: Gravton Quanta EV New Electric Bike Launched, Check Specifications

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10 paise per kilometre for an electric bike.

On a single charge, the vehicle can go 120 kilometres.

EV Electric Bike: To make travel more affordable, a Hyderabad-based firm has launched a new electric bike on Monday. Gravton Motors in Hyderabad has come out with the Quanta electric bike, which has can go at speed of 70 kilometres per hour. According to the firm, this is the first bike in the fast electric bike sector to be built domestically. It will set you back Rs 99,000. On a single charge, it can travel 120 kilometres. With the rising price of fuel, more people are opting for electric vehicles.

According to the firm, it can go 800 kilometres for Rs 80, equating to approximately 10 paise each kilometre. 

The bike will be available from October, By the end of the year, the firm hopes to have sold 5,000 bikes.

The electric two-wheeler was developed with safety in mind, according to P Parashuram, the company's CEO. The company was already taking bookings through their website.

According to their research wing, the vehicle was built in this manner where we have to drive more than 120 kilometres on average.

On a single charge, the Quant Electric vehicle can go up to 120 kilometres.

A ribbed chassis is included with the Li-Ion battery. According to the firm, this will lower the risk of accidents.

The BLDC motor will allow the vehicle to reach a top speed of 70 kilometres per hour.

It has a power output of 3 kilowatts.

The current factory has a monthly production capacity of 2,000 units, intending to increase to 5,000 units.

It's available for Rs 99,000.

Quanta's introduction to the market is expected to impress customers, according to the firm. Bookings are now available online, according to the firm.

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