Hyderabad Constable Turns Messiah for Starving Kids on Streets

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A pat on the back is in order for Hyderabad's Constable Mahesh. A police officer catered to the hunger of orphaned children.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad's police force is well-known in the country. They are constantly on the lookout for offenders and helping those who are in need.

Another traffic cop recently demonstrated his humanity and compassion. It's assumed that this is an answer to the term "real police." The cops are on the job, having transformed into front-line soldiers during Corona's ordeal. In the Corona crisis, hunger and thirst are forgotten. During the city's lockdown, this constable appears to feed those starving on the streets.

Two children on the road were fed by Mahesh, a traffic constable at the Panjagutta police station. Mahesh saw two children on the road while patrolling in Somajiguda as part of his lockdown duties. When he saw motorists ignoring two children begging for food on the highway, he was taken aback. The kids were hungry, but no one came out during the lockdown, so they couldn't get food.

Mahesh, a traffic cop who was moved by their plight, acted quickly. He sat the kids down on the side of the road. He took out his lunch box, which he had carried from home earlier in the day. He took a seat in front of the two kids and began serving them. The little girls ate rice on an empty stomach after a long period of time. Both of the kids devoured Mahesh's food. The children's faces, which had previously been filled with tears, brightened as a result of this turn of events.

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