Hyderabad Boy's Cheap Oxygen Kit Awaiting Approval

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Hyderabad boy's innovative experiment results in Cheap Oxygen Kit, which is awaiting approvals.

Hyderabad: Here's some good news for those currently suffering from Coronavirus infection and badly in need of oxygen. A Hyderabadi boy has made oxygen kits that may be available at a low price. It will be available for purchase as soon as the required permits are obtained.

Covid is wreaking havoc across the country. Oxygen, proper medical facilities are some of the many challenges that patients face daily. If not for a shortage of oxygen in the country, thousands would be alive now if they got oxygen cylinder in time.

However, in this context, the efforts of a young lad from Hyderabad are now attracting everyone's attention. It assumes importance as people are unable to find medical oxygen even if they are willing to shell out lakhs to save their lives.

This device specializes in providing oxygen at home. The device was developed by Praveen from Kavadiguda, Hyderabad. Designed in just 72 hours, the device is now universally acclaimed.

Praveen has set up a company called 'The Phi Factory' to make these oxygen devices. With this device at home for just Rs 2,500, there is no need to wait in queues for oxygen anymore. The oxygen unit has been created under the name Vayu Patra for just Rs 2,500. 

Designer Praveen says that the way it works is also very unique. It works by fitting two tubes to the device, which looks like a small plastic container. Within ten seconds of turning on the device, the patient receives oxygen. It is a small box that can be easily carried anywhere. 

Currently, the device developed by Praveen does not have departmental approvals from the government. Praveen said it will be released into the market after all the approvals are received.

Oxygen can be given to the patient through this kit before the ambulance arrives in an emergency. He also said that he came up with the idea and created the device in just 72 hours. "We have applied for the license now," says Praveen. 

"We hope to make the device available in the market in Hyderabad after we get all the approvals from the government,” said Praveen. Praveen told a leading news agency that a plant with a capacity to manufacture kits of around 3000 units per day has also been set up at Jeedimetla.

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