Hyderabad: Abusive Alcoholic Father Sets Minor Son On Fire: Find Out Why

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Hyderabad: The father of a ten-year-old boy Charan reprimanded him for watching TV and playing games without studying many a time. Charan was watching TV when his father came home from work one night. Angered by this, his father poured turpentine on him and set him on fire.

Hyderabad: A Kannada father's atrocious act of killing his own ten-year-old son in cold blood. The father, who was supposed to take care of him became the enemy of his life. Sadly, his drunk father in anger set his own son on fire for not studying.

The incident took place at Hyderabad's KPHB colony of Cyberabad Commissionarate. Charan's father Balu, a local painter who came home at night from work, got angry while Charan was watching TV in the house, he poured turpentine on him and set him on fire.

Charan (10) was studying sixth class in a government school in Kukatpally suffered 60 percent burn injuries in a fire incident.

On Sunday night, allegedly when the boy was with his mother watching television at their home, Balu sent him to a nearby shop to get beedies.  As soon as he returned home and handed over beedies to Balu, he abused him and also started beating him badly saying that he was not studying well and not attending tuition regularly.

While beating, he forced the boy out of the home and continued beating. Even as the boy’s mother tried to rescue him, the man pushed her away and continued beating him. Balu then picked up a can of turpentine oil and emptied it on the boy. He then lit his beedi and with the same matchstick set the boy on fire.

The boy who was engulfed in flames ran away shouting for help. His mother, sister, and neighbors helped put off the fire. He was then rushed to Gandhi hospital, where his condition is critical, and is undergoing treatment now.

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