Hyderabad: 119 Lives Lost Over Not Wearing Helmets

 - Sakshi Post

Cyberabad Police Commissionerate said, As per data on road crashes reported from January till May 31, more than 145 persons travelling on two-wheelers lost their lives in road accidents this year. Out of the total dead, 34 of them were pillion riders, it added.

Most of the victims were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, the data stated. Among the 145 victims who lost their lives, only 26 had worn helmets, but died on the spot or succumbed to injuries in the hospital.

Police said that all of them have died either due to not wearing the helmet properly or because of using a duplicate helmet. Thus they sustained grievous head injuries in the crashes, resulting in death.

At least 50 per cent of the fatalities in road accidents that happened during recent times were of two-wheelers, senior police officials said.

Cyberabad DCP (traffic) said, "In most cases, the pillion riders are being reported as victims and some were not wearing a helmet."

After witnessing a surge in accidents, the Cyberabad traffic police is urging people to wear a good quality helmet even for a pillion rider while travelling on a two-wheeler. 

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