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Now you may have your marriage certificates delivered right to your home.

Hyderabad: To eliminate the role of brokers, the Waqf Board has created a new application for the procurement of marriage and other documents.

Due to allegations of corruption in the Qudaat department and the expanding role of the intermediary, Shahnawaz Qasim IPS, the chief executive officer, has launched an application that allows recipients to fill out their forms and have their certificates sent to their homes.

Anyone may now apply for a marriage certificate online in any area of Telangana. The original certificate will be mailed or delivered to them through a courier service.

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The major goal of the online application is to reduce the number of people queuing in the Qudaat area and put a stop to the broker's operations.

People may also get certificates from the Qudaat department, but they must fill out an application form online.

Applicants will get an OTP after the farm has been full, allowing them to pay the certificate cost. The information of the certificate will be sent to the applicants through SMS.

To allow for final marriage certificate revisions, the information for the marriage certificate will also be given through WhatsApp.

The certificate will cost Rs. 400 as a Tatkal fee, while the usual service would cost Rs. 300.

Marriage certificate applications must be submitted online (click here). 

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